Thursday, 4 July 2013

Coming Blog Posts

Welcome to my brand new blog!

As the title suggests; I am a free grace advocate, part of what I believe to be further and continuing reformation of the Protestant Reformation. What do I mean by this? I mean that we haven't reformed enough yet!

This blog will be about presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing the good news with all! It will also be about dispelling fairly commonly held but false beliefs. I have learnt over the past several years in my walk with The Lord that many people do hold false beliefs, the reason for this appear to vary. Some hold to these beliefs because they are comforting, others because they believe it is based upon sound scriptural exegesis. So the first few months of this blog will all be about dispelling false beliefs held by many Christians. 

Here are some topics that will be covered, the titles below represents the FALSE beliefs held by many. 

  • God predestines some to heaven, resulting in the remaining people being damned because they cannot choose God.
  • God in His sovereignty determines absolutely everything in the universe, including all our actions, steps, and breaths (as well as everyone elses). Aka Determinism (in all forms).
  • The Mosaic Law is still binding on the New Testament (NT) believer. 
  • God chooses for us a spouse/relationship partner.
  • Christians still have to obey the commandment regarding the Sabbath (Ten Commandments).
  • We can't know we are actually saved.
Plus many others, these are just some that I can think of right now at this moment in time. There will be thorough critique of Calvinism throughout as well as where I believe Arminians go wrong as well, plus there will no doubt be some thoughts on Molinism thrown in.

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